Clinics For Adults

Adult Clinic Information:

  • Available for small groups or teams to address your goals

  • Clinics are typically 2 hours: can be on week-ends or week-nights

  • Arrange for a single clinic or plan a series for your group

  • Join/drop-in on an existing clinic series (See the calendar)

  • All levels are welcome (including beginners)

Standard Clinic Drills (customized to your requests)

Individual Skills Team Skills

Agility Defending

Dribbling Coverage

Ball control Supporting

Shooting Combination play

Ball receiving Communication and passing

Heading Creating Space

Passing Set pieces

Running with the ball Throw-ins

Lobbing Ball touches (1 & 2 passing )

Juggling The wall pass ( give & go )

Full & half volley Overlapping runs

Crossing Ball possession game

Positioning Moving without the ball

Decision making Getting behind the ball

Fitness for competitive play Effective Marking

Acceleration Balance

Awareness Keeping team shape

Vision Acceleration

Most clinics include scrimmages to put the skills to use!

And Can have Fitness Drills Added

Fore more advanced play see Positional Training

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John (Henbo) Henitz Defending



Ball Control

Ball Clearance