Lamptey Sports Foundation

How the Foundation began…

Some time ago as the director of coaching, I was asked by the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA ) to select players to represent District 2, for the Olympic Development Program (ODP).

The coaching staff and the evaluators selected 22 players out of the 250 participants. The cost to each player to participate was roughly $3000 at that time and unfortunately, 2 of the selected players could not afford to join the team. I didn’t want them to be left out, so I paid for their fees to enable them to travel with the team.

When we went to the tournament, they were selected to be on the State team and they

needed more money to move on to the next level. I started thinking about how I can help to raise more funds for players like this to help them achieve their dreams.

In 1986, I founded the Lamptey Sports Foundation with the motto “Self Esteem Through Sports”. Through donations from well wishers to help underprivileged kids participate and take their talents to programs beyond their means.


The Lamptey Sports Foundation, founded in 1986, is committed to improving the lives of our young people, by providing opportunities and encouragement through sports, especially soccer; the world’s most popular sport. The Sport offers a healthy emotional and physical outlet for kids and teaches them values. Soccer also provides a meaningful link with the rest of the world.

The L.S.F. serves a full spectrum of youth in our area, including low-income, underprivileged, and troubled kids of all ages who would otherwise not have the chance to realize their full potential. While Northern California is one of the wealthiest regions of the world there still exists enclaves of economic deprivation and social depression. Public spending for community activities continues to decline affecting schools, libraries, music, art and sports programs. The first and hardest hit are the young people: disillusioned, alienated and vulnerable to the influences of of drugs, crime and violence, they can be lured down the wrong path in life.

We are dedicated to providing all of our youth with learning alternatives, positive role models, and most importantly, the self esteem they need to grow in to productive well adjusted adults. The teamwork, camaraderie, pride of accomplishment experienced playing soccer are essential to the healthy growth of our future leaders.


The Foundation serves 4 primary functions to directly address the established commitment

Sports Programs:

For youth to develop affirmative contributory citizenship through recreational and competitive athletic participation (soccer clinics, classes, camps, and tournaments)

Outreach Scholarship Programs

Will raise funds to cover league registration fees, travel expenses (district, state, regional and national select teams) and equipment costs for qualifying youth who are underprivileged, low-income, or from single parent families

Tutoring and Counseling Programs

For young students who need additional academic assistance, referral services, guidance and counseling programs

All-Star Programs

For deserving high school athletes to get a chance to perform in front of college coaches and scouts

Fund Raising and Donations

The Foundation seeks to mobilize corporate, philanthropic and community resources to support its mandate (including providing state of he art facilities). In order to reach these goals broad based participation will be required. The foundation will be offering a membership program that encourages both corporate and individual participation. If you are interested in more information please contact George Lamptey directly.

A Dream Sport Complex

Coach Amarh Hammod (R) and his asst. coach Emmanuel Adom Armah (L)

Hope for Future Youth Soccer team at Osu Salem Park.

Hope for Future Youth Soccer team in training at Osu Salem Park.

Kids playing Street Soccer at Bukom Park, Accra

Kids playing in an alley at Tudu, Accra

Youngsters enjoying Street Soccer at Mamprobi, Accra

This is where it all begins, Street Soccer at Pig Farm, Accra

Street Soccer near Ako Adjei's Park, Osu Accra