What people are saying about George

Dear George,

I want to express my appreciation for all the ways you've helped my sons learn and grow over the past four weeks of soccer class... I admire very much your athletic skills , but I admire still more the kind of man you are- your patience , sharing, caring, teaching of values, and sensitivity towards the needs of children... I know that you know what you are doing is important. I want you to know that it is appreciated.

Elaine Stolp

I love my time with George, he's an Awesome Instructor & Person as well!

I always learn something new, whether it be group or individual tips and drills...GREAT STUFF!!!

Robbin Parrott

George's professionalism has provided me with some of my most memorable soccer experiences. He is an excellent player, coach, motivator, and a friend; a rare and invaluable combination of qualities.

Ronnie Fair

Stanford University

U/20 and US National Team Member

George Lamptey is the best coach I've ever had. Through his training and instruction, I went from being an average player to a high school league MVP and a Division 1 Player.

Justin Usher

Hall of Fame, University of Richmond

Dear George,

Thank-you for the countless hours you have devoted to making me a better soccer player. I will take your wisdom into my college years and beyond. I owe everything to you persistence and dedication. Thanks a million.

Adam Black

Cal State Fullerton

George's vast knowledge of the game and attitude towards it are reflected in those whom he has taught. he gives players the necessary tools that allow them to succeed and has been an incredible influence in the development of all aspects of my dream. For many players who have the desire to play on a high level, expereineceing George's coaching is an excellent way to get a head start.

Lorrie Fair

University of North Carolina

US Women's national Team